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RULES AND REGULATIONS OF TONIC Financial Memberships remain the property of the purchaser and will not entitle any persons except the purchaser/member use of Tonic’s facilities. Memberships are not refundable or transferable. Weekly direct debit memberships may be cancelled by the member upon providing 14 days written notice. During this period the member can still have full use of facilities until the agreed expiration date. (Weekly Direct Debits still under contract will attract a cancellation fee of $100) Members must ensure the nominated account has suf cient cleared funds on the date of Direct Debit. If credit card is used for payment, the card holder must notify Tonic of any changes including expiry date changes. Cancellation Fee A fee of $100 applies to any member who wishes to terminate a contract prior to the full term. Guarantor A guarantor accepts responsibilities for the member they are guaranteeing and will be accountable for any money owing due to non-payments or contract violation. Direct debit Rejections Direct debit reports will be obtained weekly by Tonic. Membership will be cancelled following three (3) consecutive credit rejections and any money owing by a member must be immediately paid .As a result of a credit rejection, the member will also be subject to any charge ( rejection fee) applied by the members bank or nancial institution. Cancellation arising out of a credit rejection, means immediate termination of the members entitlement to use any of Tonics facilities Suspensions Members may suspend their membership following a minimum of one week’s written notice to Tonic. A fee of $2.50 per week applies to all suspensions unless for medical reasons. If a suspension is due to medical reasons, provided a medical certi cate is produced, suspension will not incur a fee. Unless a doctors certi cate is produced, members can only suspend memberships for a total of eight weeks per year. Members with medical certi cate can remain on suspension until they are t to return (medical certi cate must be supplied) Squash and gym membership Those signed up with a Squash and Gym membership will permitted to play squash at all times subject to court availability. Pennant comp and casual court hire will have right of way. Disciplinary issues resulting in possible automatic CANCELLATION of membership. Foul Language, bad tempers, obscene behaviour, spitting, theft, smoking, intoxication and any other anti social behaviour will not be tolerated at any time by the Management and staff of Tonic. Any member or visitor offending may have their memberships cancelled immediately and be asked to leave the premises immediately by the Management or staff of Tonic. Cleanliness All members and visitors are expected to keep the centre clean and tidy at all times. Bins are provided throughout the centre for all rubbish to be disposed of correctly. Paper hand towels are also provided for all members and casual visitors to wipe down any machine or equipment after use. Tonic reserves the right to take disciplinary action against any member or visitor who refuses to follow these requests. Sweat towels Sweat towels are expected to be carried at all times by any member or visitor who is participating in any form of exercise inside the centre. Wiping down of equipment and benches is a MUST and will also result in disciplinary action being taken by Tonic management and staff if not adhered to. Operating hours and public holidays/closing times Operating hours will be clearly displayed at all times. Tonic reserves the right to change operating hours at any time. Public holidays will be left to the sole decision of Tonic Management as to complete centre closure or minimal operating hours. All tness activities throughout the Centre including squash courts are to cease 30 minutes prior to closing times. Time table/classes Tonic will do its best to run classes as per the time table, but reserve the right to cancel a class at last minute if necessary. Tonic reserve the right to alter class timetables on a regular basis if it feels necessary. Dress code Common sense dress code applies. Under no circumstances must DIRTY work boots be worn in the centre. Thongs, high heel shoes, sandals or any other inappropriate footwear must not be worn whilst exercising or walking through gym area. Tonic Management and staff reserve the right to take disciplinary action to any members or visitors refusing to follow the dress code. Personal music devices Personal music devices such as iPod, iPhone and mp3 players are permitted to be used but must be done so at an acceptable level of volume. Please respect at all times other members and visitors around you. Video surveillance By signing this agreement, members accept that they may be subject to video surveillance and recording. Video surveillance is limited to oor areas and will not be present in change rooms. Age restrictions Children under 15 years of age will have restricted access to Tonic. Members or guest of members must be a minimum of 15 years of age to undertake any gym related activity. This includes gym weights, cardio and classes. (not including squash activity) Any person under the age of 15 can only be undertaking gym activity/ classes with an instructor or trainer present if special permission is given by Tonic. Use of equipment Proper use of equipment is required at all times. Improper use of equipment may result in immediate termination of membership privileges, without notice or refund. Privacy Statement Tonic respects your privacy and is committed to the protection of personal information. Tonic follows the National Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988. Physical condition of a member The member warrants and represents that he/she is in good physical condition and he/she knows of no medical condition or other reason why he/she is not capable of engaging in active or passive exercise that may be detrimental to his or her health. The member shall not use any of the club facilities whilst suffering from any infectious or contagious illness/disease that may be detrimental to other members health. Tonic recommends that if the member has not exercised before, or is not familiar with exercising in a gym, that the member book in with one of our personal trainers for a basic health screening and be given a safe and effective gym program. Tonic reserves the right to seek medical clearance from a members doctor before the member can undertake any further activity if it feels neces- sary for the protection of the members own health. A member MUST notify Tonic of any health issues prior to joining Tonic and of any change of health issues whilst currently a member of Tonic. Tonic is largely self-monitoring, and the use of the facility, equipment, and any activity undertaken on the premises of Tonic is done so at the member’s risk. It is the member’s responsibility to workout smart, not attempt any activity they are not capable of doing, and to take responsibility of their own actions. It is the responsibility of each member to assist in monitoring the use, maintenance and upkeep of the facility and its equipment. Any malfunction of equipment, items needing repair or replacement, or any inappropriate behaviour should be brought to the attention of Tonic management as soon as possible.
I, the undersigned, by submitting this form, that I have read and understand the rules and regulations governing my use of the facilities and equipment of Tonic. I further declare that I understand my use of the facilities and equipment of Tonic may be without supervision by Tonic. I further declare that I understand that the use of these facilities and equipment is entirely at my own risk, and ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY AND FOREVER RELEASE Tonic AND ITS EMPLOYEES FROM ANY CLAIM, EXPENSE, LIABILITY, LOSS OR DAMAGE FROM USE BY ME OR MY GUEST INCLUDING ANY CLAIM FOR PERSONAL INJURY FROM ACTS of Tonic, OTHER THAN GROSS, WILFUL OR WANTON NEGLIGENCE. I further declare that I understand that any violation of the rules or regulations of Tonic whether written or verbal, may result in immediate termination of membership privileges, deactivation of my Pass Card, and loss of any prepaid membership fees.